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Welcome to Utah Condo Insurance

Condominium Insurance. Just Right for Your Life.

Designed specifically for people living in condos, we offer insurance that bridges the gap between your Condo Associations master policy (which insure the property common to all owners) and your own property and personal liability protection. It gives the security and peace of mind you need to enjoy condo living.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Any kind of damage to your condo can cause major hassles. A leaking roof or broken window that isn’t fixed properly could cause even more costly damage. And while you cannot predict accidents or Mother Nature, you can be prepared. Burnside Insurance offers coverage options to protect your condo and personal property.

What Do We Cover?

Our property coverage goes beyond simply replacing your belongings. Even our basic condo policy covers things like reasonable repairs; additions and alterations you choose to make; damage to interior features like glass, walls, and doors; replacing the locks if your keys are stolen’ the costs of lodging if you cannot use your condo, and property losses and personal injury claims brought against all unit owners. You can also add more coverage for certain high-value property including:

  • Jewelry, Watches, and Furs
  • Guns
  • Money, Coins, and Bullion
  • Silverware, Goldware, and Pewterware

We want to prove our commitment to you by making sure that you fully understand your policy. If you have any questions about your existing policy with us or another carrier, or if you have questions about a new policy, give us a call. We will gladly answer any questions or explain your coverage completely and simply.

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